>>How To Apply Hair Shampoo <<

Grease and dirt build up in hair every day. These steps will help to remove oil and grime through proper shampoo cleaning and rinsing.


1) Soak your hair, first. It's important that the hair is wet to make shampooing easy otherwise it won't work. Use warm or cold water.

2) Massage your scalp. Petrissage is a scalp massaging technique to stimulate blood-flow to the scalp encouraging healthy hair and scalp, it also removes dirt.

3) Shampoo your hair. Hair usually only needs one or two applications of shampoo. More than this can lead to static or fly-away results and leave the hair unprotected. If the first shampoo application doesn't lather - and you are using a product that lathers - rinse, then shampoo a second time.

  • As part of the current tend to remove irritants or brand products as environmentally conscious, more shampoos have chemicals, such as sodium laurel sulfate and others, left out of their products that produce that lather people have grown accustomed. An easy test for if your product is meant to lather is to put a minuscule amount in wet, clean hands and rub for a few seconds: if large bubbles form throughout, the product lathers; if small bubbles form at the edges of the distributed soap, but it mostly just multiplied, your product does not lather.
  • Lathering is less a test of cleanliness than a sign of distribution: if the product didn't lather, it could not have cleaned your hair because your hair was so dirty, it could not move around. Similarly, if a non-lathering shampoo could not be distributed through your hair, it could not clean everything either.

4) Rinse your hair. It's important to ensure that no shampoo residue remains as this can dry the scalp out and create a flaky itchy scalp, it also leaves a greasy film.