>>Herbal Hair Care <<

Since long people have been using various herbs for their hair care and, over and again, they form vital ingredients of many shampoos, conditioners as well as rinses. As far as hair care is concerned, rosemary is the herb that is highly valued and has the repute of being an excellent common conditioner which makes the hair glossy, silky, aromatic and somewhat darker.

In fact, there are two more herbs, sage and chamomile, which have also been prized highly over the centuries. While sage is valued in the form of a hair conditioner and darkener, it is believed that chamomile possesses the aptitude to make fair hair brighter and, at the same time, make all types of hair softer. In addition, the golden flowers of mullein are also thought to exaggerate blond highlights.

Traditionally, it has been claimed that parsley helps to make the hair dense as well as enhance its color. Similarly, the herb called southernwood augments hair growth, while the burdock roots regulate dandruff and the herb stinging nettle works as an excellent conditioner, while also assisting in curing dandruff. Precisely speaking, there are numerous herbs right from kelp to yarrow that are believed to help in arresting hair loss and, simultaneously, encourage hair growth. However, it is unfortunate that there is no herb that has been scientifically proved to be effective in hair care. There are some more herbs which just help to make the hair pleasantly fragrant.

Like in the instance of preparing cosmetic formulations using herbs, the recipes discussed in this article are just the preliminary ideas intended to illustrate the manner in which you are able to use herbs to prepare hair care products. In fact, it is advisable that you should try and experiment to discover the most excellent combination of herbal constituents to prepare the most suitable hair care product for you. All the ingredients mentioned in this article are either familiar plants or domestic items.